Avaliação (IMDb):
star star star star star star star star star star 6.3/10 (65992 votos)

Outro Título: View to a Kill, A

País: UK   Estúdio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Duração: 2h 11m

Idiomas falados: Inglês   

Legendas: Português

Gênero(s): Ação, Aventura, Suspense

Diretor(s): John Glen

Codec: MPEG-2 (DVD)   Tela: 2.35:1

Sinopse: James Bond has one more mission. Bond returns from his travels in the USSR with a computer chip. This chip is capable of withstanding a nuclear electromagnetic pulse that would otherwise destroy a normal chip. The chip was created by Zorin Industries, and Bond heads off to investigate its owner, Max Zorin. Zorin may only seem like a innocent guilty man, but is really planning to set off an earthquake in San Andreas which will wipe out all of Silicon Valley. As well as Zorin, Bond must also tackle May Day and equally menacing companion of Zorin, whilst dragging Stacy Sutton along for the ride.

Tipo de mídia: DVD5   Fonte: DVD

Número: 22


Roger Moore (como James Bond), Christopher Walken (como Max Zorin), Tanya Roberts (como Stacey Sutton), Grace Jones (como May Day), Patrick Macnee (como Sir Godfrey Tibbett), Patrick Bauchau (como Scarpine), Alison Doody (como Jenny Flex), Willoughby Gray (como Dr. Carl Mortner), Desmond Llewelyn (como Q), Robert Brown (como M), Lois Maxwell (como Miss Moneypenny), Walter Gotell (como General Gogol), David Yip (como Chuck Lee), Fiona Fullerton (como Pola Ivanova), Manning Redwood (como Bob Conley)