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Número: 225

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Avaliação (IMDb):
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6.0/10 (3945 votos)

Outro Título: A Little Trip to Heaven (Título Original)

País: Iceland, 1h 38m

Idiomas falados: Inglês, Português

Legendas: Inglês, Português

Gênero(s): Drama, Suspense

Diretor(s): Baltasar Kormákur

After a suspicious fatal car accident in Hastings where the identity of the victim was forged, the Quality Life insurance company sends their smart investigator Abe Holt to identify the body. The unique beneficiary of the one million dollars death benefit is the sister of the victim, Isold, who lives with her son Thor and her husband Fred in a poor cabin in the middle of nowhere. Along the investigation, Abe discloses the truth about the fraud, but feels sorry for Isold and Thor and tries to help them with tragic consequences.


photo Peter Coyote Peter Coyote Frank
photo Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker Abe Holt
photo Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Fred
photo Joanna Scanlan Joanna Scanlan Josie
photo Iddo Goldberg Iddo Goldberg Russle
photo Philip Jackson Philip Jackson William
photo Julia Stiles Julia Stiles Isold
photo Kharl Anton Leigh Kharl Anton Leigh Young Boy Rodriguez
photo Juan Carlos Pardo Pardo Juan Carlos Pardo Pardo Mr. Rodriguez
photo Damon Younger Damon Younger Long Haired Man
photo Alfred Harmsworth Alfred Harmsworth Thor
photo Vladas Bagdonas Vladas Bagdonas Coroner
photo Felix Eyjólfsson Felix Eyjólfsson Auto Mechanic
photo Margrét Ólafsdóttir Margrét Ólafsdóttir Elderly lady in the Park
photo Birgir Sigurðsson Birgir Sigurðsson Elderly man in a commercial

Tipo de mídia: DVD5,

Legendas: Inglês, Português

Alugado: Não

Tela: 2.35:1